Yellow, orange flowers

How do you configure the equipment we have. Do you like its computer system. Before the next meeting you. Hello my dear we are here. How do you like this beauty of the gray air. Leaves are swaying on the tree. Until next time a new time.

clean me

Hello my dear children!

Hello to all of you from overseas. We would very much like to see you here with us, but unfortunately we can not meet here.

Welcome to contact us here.
You see us.

Hello my dear friends!

As you are meeting in the new year with us here and here. Maybe I'll see you, meet again here, here in the new year. Until next time, here in this time. Yes, the right move. Okay.

How old are you?
Here it is already 5 years here.

We are glad to meet you here again.

How do you like the comfort of field plants here? You do not mind, that's not clear.

We are glad that we met.
You can come to us again.

Hello my dear friends.

As we are glad to meet you here again at the hotel. You want to see us again here next year?

Square lamp
Round chair
for you

Hello my beloved children!

How do you like the comfort of our clean health. You will look at the road and on the people? Until next time.

At McDonalds
Big Mac and Coca Cola

Hello people.

How do you like this landscape plant. Will you look at the fountain and then. Bye.

Can you hear me

The evening after work

I want to drink coffee, listen to music. Play computer games. Resulting in a clean room. Wash in the bath. Brush your teeth. Dress clothing, clean clothes dirty. Meet me near the 2 palaces, let us sing and dance together. Purely as my text can see immediately. Hello my beloved children. We would like you to come to us again here.


Hello dear friends. Can you play the game. You can leave you here to dance with us. Hello my favorite people. We are glad to meet you in your next visit to us here. Hello sunshine and summer. The pleasant days await us then. Hello to all of you what you are interested in what came to us, to see me. You can come to us yet again.
Roof of the house
Tile green
Asphalt of stones
Fresh grass
Ventilation grille
White T-shirt
Direction sign
Fresh air

You then hear us

How do you like this grass around. Do you like cobblestone pavement here in different colors. See you next time you are here. Seeds flowering plants you like. A bird of the crow that flies you pretty. Until next time you here.

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Dear friends

Hello, what's your name. I would like to ask how do you like it here in the palace. Do you like this monument. Bye. Did you like the man on the street drunk. You become friends with me. Goodbye.

We are glad to see you again at the meeting here. You see us here. We are glad to meet you here, it is good that you have come here. How do you like it here? Can I ask you a question. We are glad to meet you again in this place. What a beautiful view of various shiny windows of passing cars. You can look around some interesting buildings here. Do you like to watch movies in this building. Hello everyone. What wonderful we have trees. Do you like it here go to see birds.

Hello my good men. Glad you meet here again. Do you enjoy a showcase mcdonalds. What are the gray clouds from us. Thank you for attention. How do you like these corners of nature we have here. Do you like to read and write here we are. Before the meeting we have here. How do you like at this point in the new. You do not confuse white borders here. And tires from cars with alloy wheels that pass by. See you in the next day. Hello my dear children. How do you like this weather evening. Do you like the theater side. Look at the birds. Thank you for attention.

How do you like the green herb. Do you like it dark blue sky. Do you like the gray post lamp. How do you like the movie theater. Do you like a monument to Lenin. I enjoy the people who pass by and we see it. Do you like the way he was talking to a man. I know that you do not see the conversation, and you find it difficult to improve. See you. Do you like the rain has passed. The fir tree needles turn yellow dry leaves.